Monday, May 5, 2008

Update on Dad Carlson 5-5-08

Burn out -- I think that's what I experienced yesterday. I was out of sorts all day. Not feeling well. Tired. Crabby. Unable to think. After the busy week, it takes an entire day of doing nothing in order to recoup.

Rod's dad went back in the hospital this past week. He's been to the emergency room twice and that's where he was the last that I heard. During dialysis twice this week, his heart rate shot up. I believe it was somewhere around 170. It seemed as though dialysis was somehow connected but doctors told him that he needs the dialysis in order to continue on. They currently have things under control. Frustrated does not even begin to explain the emotion written on his face. Doctors seem to have now determined that he has a blood infection which causes his heart to be aggravated during dialysis. We think this is positive news because it sounds like something that can be treated and overcome. They're putting him on medication and we'll see how he responds to the dialysis tomorrow once again. I know he is anxious to get home. His visits to the hospital are getting old... fast. No one wants the hospital to be their home away from home.

Needless to say, it's been an exhausting week. The days continue to blur together. It's difficult to live with purpose and passion when all you want to do is get through the day.

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