Saturday, June 28, 2008


This morning I've had a jingle running through my mind. "Everybody doesn't like something...but nobody doesn't like Sara Lee!" Is the tune going through your mind now as well?

This is the jingle my dad chose to alter a little bit to describe my oldest daughter's personality. He'd sing "Everybody doesn't like something...but nobody doesn't like Nike!" It's a statement that echoes her life this far.

Today she turned 6-years-old. I realize there isn't much life there to have done something to make people dislike one that age. Still, I'm certain we can all think of those little ones that we'd rather not be around. Since the day Nikelle was born, couples without kids have considered having children because of her. She knows how to make people smile simply by being present. Her hugs come at just the right moment. Innocent as a newborn, her heart is still moldable and she desires to please God and others.

It's hard not to want to give her the world. She appreciates life. Every little piece of it. The decorations around our house for her party were done by her. Simplicity is more than fine in her eyes. When it comes to comparison, she doesn't always rank at the top with athleticism. At times this can bring her down. However, she is learning that God made us all different. Unique. With different strengths. Nikelle is likely to thrive in the arts. She loves art, dance, music, and being on center stage. We can find her drawing and writing much of the time. I love to read her "books". She spells phonetically and it's fun to see her brain learning.

I could have never fully comprehended the miracle we received 6 years ago at that time. Certainly, I have yet to completely grasp the full blessing of having Nikelle Evadne Carlson in our lives. Today we celebrate her as we thank God for every moment of her life this far.

Happy 6th Birthday, Nike!


  1. Yes, So True! Happy Birthday to the sweetest 6 yr old girl I know! I definately was someone who thought I wanted a little Nike, before I had Natalie!
    I am glad my daughter has your girls as friends! See you soon :)

  2. Very true! Joe and I always imagined having a little Nikelle after spending time with her. We are definitely one of the couples who considered having a child because of Nikelle :) Now we have Vincent!