Thursday, June 26, 2008

My little addict

I've been incredibly busy this month. June is always crazy with birthday parties and other celebrations.

One thing I've had to fit into all this is purchasing new beds for the girls. They've been sharing a queen size bed (which Nike moved to when Jaycie was born because it was the bed already in existence in the guest room) and it just hasn't been working out. They talk until all hours of the night. They fight. Jaycie cries at being bumped ever so slightly. Jaycie calls us upstairs only to inform us that part of Nike's blanket is on her side of the bed. The other night Jaycie through a decorative rock that Nike owns at Nike and slightly chipped her tooth. As you can tell, we could no longer put off separate beds. The girls and I went out, found a sale and purchased two twin bed sets. They were delivered yesterday. This required moving furniture around, cleaning and vacuuming prior to their arrival.

Nikelle was on the PBS kids website in the morning which she often does. Jaycie was by her side demanding "My turn. My turn." Being the kind, generous, older sister that she is, Nike got Jaycie set up and went to do something else. It was cute watching Jaycie utilize the mouse to click and drag and make little dancing shoes. When the shoes would dance she would bob her head and groove her shoulders with the music. Then it was back to designing more shoes. I went upstairs to vacuum and prepare things for the bed delivery as well as Nike's birthday party this weekend.

Before I knew it, I was checking on the kids an hour later and my 2 1/2-year-old was still on the web! I told her she had two more minutes and she was done. To say I have a little addict on my hands is an understatement. She had a breakdown when I pulled her away. I closed the browser and walked away with her kicking in my arms. As I walked toward the naughty bench to address the kicking and screaming, I felt a little bad for her and a little guilty that I allowed that much time to pass. At the same time, I was intrigued to realize that this little girl has the ability to do what many adults cannot catch onto.

Just one more thing to pay attention to. Thankfully, she has yet to discover how to enter the world wide web by herself!

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