Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Draft from January

The evenings are more difficult. Reality is all to fresh and the exhaustion from the emotions of the day make it hard to cope. When the morning comes, for about thirty seconds, all is well with the world. Then it begins to set in. Our dads have cancer. 2008 may not be quite as full as we imagined. It could be a year filled with pain. And yet, there will be blessings. There will be joy.

Nikelle asked me today why I was crying. I answered her honestly. She needs to be prepared for the future as well. "I'm crying because I want your Papa and Grandpa to be able to meet your new little brother or sister." Rod and I found out on Friday that we are expecting our third child this fall. I shared this news with my parents on New Year's Day; the same day we were told hope was not quite as bright in my Dad's fight with cancer.

"Don't you think it would be a good idea for our new baby to know their Papa and Grandpa?" was my question to Nikelle. "Yes, but he could see them in heaven," was her response. I smiled and assured her, "That's exactly what I want you to remember. That's what Grams and Papa want you to remember, too."

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