Sunday, August 31, 2008

A tail?

The girls and I were talking this morning about what we were doing today. I happened to mention that we would go visit family as long as the baby is happy in my belly. Jaycie said "he have a tail on his bum". Where do they come up with these things? I began to tell her that she was incorrect. The baby would not have a tail. That is when I realized she was referring to one of her little boy cousins. "Yeah," Jaycie reiterated. "Owen have a tail on his bum!" She was confused by my laughter so I just said, "You're right, Jay. Boys are different from girls." Laughing some more, I made certain Rod had heard.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not Yet

Still pregnant...

Thursday, August 28, 2008


To those of you checking my blog just because you are curious, no baby yet. I just spent the day walking around the mall with my mom and still no signs of labor. Of course, the due date still has yet to come so there's no reason to be surprised. Still, I was hopeful. No baby yet, though.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Six Months

Six months ago Dad left this earth. It's still a daily struggle for me because my mind still doesn't grasp that he is no longer part of our daily lives. It's a strange reality. I never really had to face it before but slowly it's just becoming part of life...that he is no longer a part of it. My heart swells and tugs out of confusion all at once on so many days. My emotions get all confused.

Six months after his death, we are awaiting the birth of our third child. Tomorrow is the day my parents would have celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. It would sure be nice for my mom if this baby could come on the 28th so she can still have something to celebrate that day.

It's hard to believe half a year has gone by without my Dad. I read this quote in the book Where is God When it Hurts? It hits my heart.

I suppose every Christian with a similar experience goes back to the book of Job for answers. Here was a righteous man who suffered more than even I could imagine. But strangely, I could not find answers to the "Why?" of tragedies anywhere in the book of Job. What I found was that Job clung to God regardless, and God rewarded him. - Joni Eareckson Tada

A little bit of Nikelle

We attended an open house for Nikelle's school yesterday. It was fun to see her self-portrait that she drew. When I was encouraging her this morning by telling her what a good job she did, she informed me that she told her teacher she (Nikelle) is an artist. It was just matter-of-factly stated. That's our Nike.

There was a question on the wall that the kids had answered entitled "Why do we read?" Nikelle's answer was "so we can write our own books". It's fun to know she enjoys learning each day and an answer like that displays her personality.

Friday, August 22, 2008


"AWESOME!" was Nikelle's response to the question of how her first day of school went. She says she is still a little nervous but was all smiles waiting for the bus this morning.

When I asked her if she was excited to go back to school today, she replied, "Yes." I asked her what her favorite part was. She chose to pose a question to me in reply. "Don't you know I have friends there, Mom? What's the matter, can't you think? Don't you have a brain?" I should probably take moments like these to reflect on how I speak in our home. I knew she was just kidding though so I chose to pretend that I didn't know her name when she "tested" my brain.

Knowing she rides the bus with a friend from Kindergarten and that she has a friend from preschool in her class is a comfort. She said her teacher is very nice and she sits at a table with all boys. Considering she loves to play with her boy cousins and has numerous friends that are boys, I think this will be just fine. Thankfully, she's just started the "ooh, gross" stage when it comes to people kissing!

It was a long day yesterday. By the evening, I had gone off the deep end and everyone just needed to go to bed. Jaycie had decided she wasn't going to nap and played for two hours in her room instead. When 4:00 rolled around, she was too much to handle. Putting her up in her bed for her own safety as well as my sanity, she fell asleep in seconds. Wanting her to still go to bed on time, I had to wake her up just shy of an hour later. Let me say that it was not a pleasant start to the evening!

Overall, I have to agree with Nikelle, though. It was an awesome day. I enjoyed one-on-one time with Jay and Nike enjoyed her first day at school. Hope day two receives another good report. Only two days of school and I am so very much looking forward to the weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School

A little while ago we watched Nikelle get on the bus for her very first day at Eisenhower Academy in the first grade. She was excited and "a little nervous". I know she'll come home more excited to go to school every day but it was hard to watch our little girl go off on her own. It's the first time she is away from us all day unaccompanied by people we know.

Her friend, Valerie, attended Kindergarten with her last year and lives on the other side of our subdivision. Thankfully, Val's mom called to inform me that the girls were sitting together on the bus. It gave me a little comfort that my little girl is at least able to enjoy her first bus ride with one of her good friends.

Last night I actually was up in the middle of the night because I was so filled with anxiety about her first day at school. The open house doesn't occur until next week so I was not even able to give her much information as I don't possess it. I did a lot of praying and counting and attempting to use relaxation techniques to get myself back to sleep last night.

It was an early start to the morning in order to catch the bus and I won't see her again until almost 3:00. In some ways it feels like I'm sending her off to the wolves. I'm grateful that she is secure and independent so I can know she'll do well.

Jaycie thought she had to go to bed when we got back from the bus stop. Last year, Nikelle went to afternoon kindergarten so that was the routine. Needless to say, Jaycie is quite excited to be able to play and watch Mickey Mouse rather than go down for a nap.

Now I just wonder what it will be like when the third one comes. I'm hoping the baby will at least give me the courtesy of waiting until closer to it's due date (the 31st). So far, so good.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


In less than 3 weeks, the due date for our third child will be here. Our kids will all be spaced about 3 years apart.

Thankfully, our almost 3-year-old has decided recently to take time to stop playing and use the bathroom to go potty! Yippee! I just hope she doesn't revert when the baby comes.

Progress. I love it.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A 2-year-old's Prayer

Rod was putting the girls to bed last night as he usually does. Part of the bedtime routine is to pray before they go to sleep. Just recently, Jaycie has decided to pray a little.

The girls decided to kneel on the floor last night with their hands on the bed. It was Jaycie's turn to pray.

"Thank you that we can go to Ms. Stacy's house tomorrow. Thank you that I can spank Nike's butt!"

WHACK! She then proceeded to smack Nikelle on the rear.

I could not quit laughing when Rod told me about it. I still laugh to the point that tears come to my eyes when I think about it.

Nothing like an open and honest prayer to God!