Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School

A little while ago we watched Nikelle get on the bus for her very first day at Eisenhower Academy in the first grade. She was excited and "a little nervous". I know she'll come home more excited to go to school every day but it was hard to watch our little girl go off on her own. It's the first time she is away from us all day unaccompanied by people we know.

Her friend, Valerie, attended Kindergarten with her last year and lives on the other side of our subdivision. Thankfully, Val's mom called to inform me that the girls were sitting together on the bus. It gave me a little comfort that my little girl is at least able to enjoy her first bus ride with one of her good friends.

Last night I actually was up in the middle of the night because I was so filled with anxiety about her first day at school. The open house doesn't occur until next week so I was not even able to give her much information as I don't possess it. I did a lot of praying and counting and attempting to use relaxation techniques to get myself back to sleep last night.

It was an early start to the morning in order to catch the bus and I won't see her again until almost 3:00. In some ways it feels like I'm sending her off to the wolves. I'm grateful that she is secure and independent so I can know she'll do well.

Jaycie thought she had to go to bed when we got back from the bus stop. Last year, Nikelle went to afternoon kindergarten so that was the routine. Needless to say, Jaycie is quite excited to be able to play and watch Mickey Mouse rather than go down for a nap.

Now I just wonder what it will be like when the third one comes. I'm hoping the baby will at least give me the courtesy of waiting until closer to it's due date (the 31st). So far, so good.


  1. Oh, Nikelle, Your big girl!! Off to first grade! I know she will adjust well, because she has a wonderful Mom that has taught her good manners, and important values. Just think of all those little kids, and teachers, who will be touched in some way by your "big girl" and how blessed they will be to know her! All because of how YOU raised her.
    I know it must be hard, but you will all adjust just fine! Can't wait to hear how her day went.

  2. I was praying for you guys today when I woke up. Ben and Abby were sad to hear that we wouldn't be seeing "Miss Tristi, Jaycie and Nikelle" when we dropped Ben off at Kindergarten today. Looking forward to hearing how the first days of school went!