Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A little bit of Nikelle

We attended an open house for Nikelle's school yesterday. It was fun to see her self-portrait that she drew. When I was encouraging her this morning by telling her what a good job she did, she informed me that she told her teacher she (Nikelle) is an artist. It was just matter-of-factly stated. That's our Nike.

There was a question on the wall that the kids had answered entitled "Why do we read?" Nikelle's answer was "so we can write our own books". It's fun to know she enjoys learning each day and an answer like that displays her personality.


  1. Congrats on raising a child that has such confidence in herself! I can only pray that our three kids have that confidence.

  2. Oh, just what a teacher loves to hear.

    Nikelle, I can't wait to read your first book.

    FYI...Patricia Polacco, who wrote "Chicken Sunday", "The Keeping Quilt", "Thank You Mr. Falker" and many other children's favorites is going to be at the Troy Craughwell School on 9/18 4:30-5:30. What an awesome opportunity for a future writer to meet a famous one.