Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Six Months

Six months ago Dad left this earth. It's still a daily struggle for me because my mind still doesn't grasp that he is no longer part of our daily lives. It's a strange reality. I never really had to face it before but slowly it's just becoming part of life...that he is no longer a part of it. My heart swells and tugs out of confusion all at once on so many days. My emotions get all confused.

Six months after his death, we are awaiting the birth of our third child. Tomorrow is the day my parents would have celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. It would sure be nice for my mom if this baby could come on the 28th so she can still have something to celebrate that day.

It's hard to believe half a year has gone by without my Dad. I read this quote in the book Where is God When it Hurts? It hits my heart.

I suppose every Christian with a similar experience goes back to the book of Job for answers. Here was a righteous man who suffered more than even I could imagine. But strangely, I could not find answers to the "Why?" of tragedies anywhere in the book of Job. What I found was that Job clung to God regardless, and God rewarded him. - Joni Eareckson Tada

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