Saturday, September 20, 2008

Late Bus

Nikelle's bus was over 40 minutes late yesterday. Thanks to hearing prior stories about late buses from other moms, I was able to remain calm. I did call the school and they confirmed that the bus was running late. Still... 40 minutes!? Thankfully, it wasn't a time that I chose to leave either of the girls in the house sleeping. At least they were both with me.

Here's the cool thing about our wait. Some neighbors from down the street introduced themselves to us: the Martins. When they saw us still standing out there waiting for Nike, they brought lawn chairs out and sat and talked with us. Some people just know how to be neighborly and I could really learn something from the neighbors on our street.

Nikelle got home safely. Supposedly the driver is new and learning the route. Hopefully, she learns it quickly... 40 minutes each day will add up quick. Nikelle said she didn't realize she was on the bus for a long time so that's good. I was just grateful to see her home safely.

Oh, and Nikelle now knows how to tie her shoes by herself. (No,she didn't learn it on her extended bus ride.) It's just one more way she's growing up!

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