Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What an adjustment!

I have yet to adjust to this new life of school all day for one child, potty training another and taking care of a newborn who wants to eat all day long! I thought things were going well yesterday as I walked to the bus stop to pick my 1st grader up. This was the first time since the baby was born that I took on this task alone. The baby was fed and sleeping, my 2-year-old had napped and been to the potty chair. Things weren't looking all too bad.

I was able to help my 6-year-old with her homework as the baby slept and our middle child played. So far so good. With the homework done, I was able to sit and relax a little bit as I fed my newborn.

As I fininshed feeding her, I realized things were a little quiet. The older two had been playing together but now Jaycie was missing. As I walked to the bathroom to check on her, that's when I noticed the wet floor. All the way down the hallway. Ughh! Jaycie came around the corner. "Mom, I need new panties." Why is it that I just don't stick to the pull-ups? Isn't the convenience worth the cost? Sending her upstairs to get her own panties, I walked into the bathroom to find why she had been so quiet. The roll of toilet paper was now unrolled and conveniently piled up in the toilet bowl. How fun for her and how quickly a relaxing moment can turn around and bite one in the butt!

Frustrated, tired and just plain done, I cleaned up the mess and realized how grateful I am for friends who bring meals! Thank you so much!

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