Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

"Can I write a note to the tooth fairy?" This was our daughter's request going to bed the other night after losing her first tooth. My husband came downstairs to see how he should respond to her. "Does the tooth fairy take teeth?" he inquired. I informed him that it is customary for the tooth fairy to take the tooth and replace it with money. "She is practically in tears because she doesn't want the tooth fair to take her tooth" he informed me. He comforted our six-year-old by telling her he would leave a note for the tooth fairy.

After remembering to place some money under her pillow, I went to sleep. A few hours later I awoke to her cry. "My tooth is gone!" she sobbed. I looked at her holding the plastic baggy in her hand which held her tooth. Taking her hand and guiding her hand to feel her tooth in the bag, she calmed down a bit. I then reached under her pillow for the money that was there. I placed that in her hand. A smile covered her teary-eyed face as she asked me to stay with her for a little while.

All I can figure is that her fears entered her dreams and convinced her the tooth fairy took her tooth. I told her to dream about losing more teeth so she can get more money. (She wants enough money for a Webkinz.) I don't know how the tooth fairy operates when she visits your home (or if she even comes). In our home, the tooth fairy doesn't leave quite enough money in exchange for one tooth to buy a Webkinz! For that matter, the tooth fairy now doesn't take teeth either. She just leaves money in exchange for a "note".


  1. Too cute. The tooth fair visited our house twice last week. Once on Sunday night and then again on Friday night. Since Ben didn't seem to care about the tooth, the "tooth fair" tucked to two missing teeth safely into her jewelery box for safe keeping! Ben is saving his money for a Transformer!

  2. Thank you for sharing with us! Oh my gosh, just one more way she is growing up soooo fast! I bet the Tooth Fairy will cherish that note! Guess Santa will have to bring her a Webkinz :)

  3. For some reason, Santa isn't big on bringing Webkinz to our house. Wonder why?