Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11th - Veterans Day

Today is a day we remember all those who have fought for our country. Those who have given everything they had, even their lives so we can live in freedom.

Too often, we take our freedom for granted. More than not, we live our lives without a second thought for those who have lost because they cared enough to give for us. Even today, we have men and women putting their lives at stake for our freedom and our safety.

Growing up, I recall my dad teaching us respect for our country and for the veterans, both presently living as well as those that had gone before us. I vividly remember looking at a cannon that is displayed in dowtown Mokena as dad talked to us about this gift we'd been given. I don't remember what he said so much as I recall the moment. It was important enough to freezeframe in my mind.

As we attended my brother's basketball games, my parents taught, through their example, to not only stand in respect but to sing when the National Anthem was sung. To this day, I fight back tears when the National Anthem is playing. I trust my girls are watching our example as we attempt to teach them about the great great honor we have to live in the United States of America.

Although I am not surrounded with swarms of family members who have fought for our country, Rod's dad and grandpa as well as my grandpa were all in the military. More than that, our fathers and their fathers lived out their respect for this country. It is our responsibility to teach our children and grandchildren the same.

"Thank you, Lord, for our veterans. We are blessed to live in a country where so many are willing to fight and even die for our freedom."

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