Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4 - Election Day - Thank You

Thank you, Lord, for the United States of America. We live in a country where we have freedom. Freedom to worship you, freedom to disagree, freedom to have a voice as we vote. Thank you for allowing us to live in a nation where we are free.

Today we vote.

My six-year-old's school is doing a mock election today. The kids wore red, white and blue yesterday and brought signs and buttons to support their candidate of choice.

I wanted to inform my first grader of the facts and allow her to choose. What I found is that it's difficult to present both sides without some sort of bias. We all stand for something and when we do, that's what we present.

First and foremost, I had to talk to her about the right to life. I explained to her that some people think it's okay to stop a baby from growing in their mommy's tummy. I explained that they don't believe it's a baby. They want to call it a fetus. Then there are people who believe that the baby should be allowed to grow so it can be born into the world. She then asked me which candidate believed which and I answered her.

Just from these statements, it's obvious where I stand. Although I wanted her to choose who she would vote for on her own, it's okay that I presented her with a biased opinion. Not only am I her mom, but it's part of our freedom. I believe strongly enough on this issue to say I will vote for those who protect the unborn. I want my daughter to vote that way when she is older as well. God created that baby in the womb and His desire is for that baby to get to full term and enter this world. (Psalm 139) Who are we to stop that?

I did go on to talk to her about a few other issues but they were biased as well. As for the topic of single issue voting, Erik's blog had a great post that I would echo. I'm a priority voter and have no shame in stating it.

Freedom is a wonderful thing we take too often for granted. I attempted to stress to Nikelle the value of this gift and the importance of others being able to express this freedom as well. Who knows if friendships could be ruined in first grade over the choice of presidential candidates even before they're of legal age to vote!

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