Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 6th - Thank You

Rod's grandpa came over from Sweden. My great-grandpa came over from Italy. I also have some German in my family tree. All this being said, Rod likes to tell people that my family started the wars and his stayed out of them. This gives you a pretty good visual of our marriage. Rod is quite content hoping things will blow over while I'm coming head down like a bull ready to fight.

I was always attracted to the athletic, popular type of guy. Rod is proud to be a "geek". He loves computers, history, science fiction and other topics that fall into this category. When I met Rod, dating him was far from being in the radar. He is also 7 years older than me. Since I was 17 when our friendship formed, he wasn't interested in dating me either. To be completely honest, I was expressing interest in one of his friends. Over time, however, Rod became one of my best friends and he captured my heart.

There are moments I am overwhelmed with how undeserving I am to have the husband I do. One example is with the birth of our children. It begins while I'm hugging the ceramic of my toilet bowl for the first trimester, continuing while I sleep most of the day away through all three trimesters, and exemplified throughout labor and delivery. From being yelled at for burning toast because the smell was overwhelming and sickening to me, to enduring my ultimate crabbiness for 9 months, and being my main support in delivering the girls, he displays his love for me through it all.

Rod took off work the day our youngest was born after I informed him that the contractions were ten minutes apart. We took Nikelle to the bus stop and called my mom to come out to stay with Jaycie. Soon after, my contractions stopped. All together, I didn't feel a thing. I was discouraged, confused and irritated because I had really thought we were going to meet our third child that day. With the contractions disappearing, I didn't know what to think.

(Understand that any suggestion my husband makes is like walking on ice for him. I'm often like a volcano ready to erupt and spew my anger on those around me - especially during pregnancy.) Rod took charge and made me walk with him around the neighborhood. That didn't last long as I realized the need to go to the bathroom shortly after the walk started. We decided to run errands instead. We went shopping and walked around only to have the contractions come back very sporadically. After lunch, he suggested we walk the neighborhood again. He knew how much I wanted the pregnancy to be over and what the assistance walking could do in the laboring process.

After this walk, the contractions became stronger although still very inconsistent. We went to my previously scheduled appointment with my midwife knowing the baby would be coming sooner than later. Rod was my shoulder to lean on (literally) throughout labor and delivery. He helped me remember how to breathe when the contractions were intense and I honestly forgot how to do this normally thoughtless task. Rod reminded me about the marathon I ran and the battles our dads endured when labor got tough to remind me that I could persevere. Rod was everything and more during the labor and delivery for each of our kids.

This is just one example of the way God gave me the perfect man for me. We've been through thick and thin. We've been through high highs and low lows. We've shared the birth of our daughters and the death of our fathers. We've shared some sunny days as well as dark. Through it all, he's with me in the deep.

I don't have to doubt the faithfulness of my husband or his love for me. Everything Rod does is based on his desire to live for God. I've joked that I'm not married to Jesus but it's about as close as you can get. So many woman have to go it alone even though they're married. I need to remember every day what a blessing I have in this man I've been married to for 12+ years now.

Thank you, Lord, for my husband. He's so much more than I deserve.

And Rod, I don't know how often you get a chance to read my blog, but thank you. Thank you that through it all, you've stayed by my side. Even when I've been the most unlovable, you've loved me unconditionally. I'm so grateful for you!

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  1. I think this is such a beautiful post Tristi! I am so glad to hear that you are feeling Thank-ful for Rod. Your marriage is so much like mine! What great husbands we have!