Saturday, November 8, 2008

November 8th Thank You

"Her likes me," my three-year-old daughter beems with joy that her baby sister grabs hold of her finger.

"Ah-goo," is the sound my infant forms these days.

My husband laughs from his belly as my six-year-old shouts "You maniac!" as we avoid hitting another car in the parking lot.

I am so grateful to be able to hear the words, "I love you". Blessed to be able to attend to my daughter when her little voice calls. I can experience the echo of laughter. Music stirs my heart. The sound of rain hitting the windows and the rustle of the wind in the leaves connect me with God's creation. Children playing. Birds chirping. Babies crying. Girls singing.

For those times I am overwhelmed with too much noise and beg for silence, I must remember the gift of hearing. Being able to hear these sounds alert me to a need. Words of encouragement and love can warm my heart. A smile to my face or tears in my eyes are a result of the different sounds I hear. These are all a gift.

Thank you, Lord, for the ability to hear.

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