Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank You - November 12th

Thank you for a new day, a new beginning. A fresh start where the failings of yesterday need not haunt me today.

I may have eaten two candy bars too many yesterday. I may have yelled at those I love one too many times the day before. Today, however, I start with a clean slate.

As I begin my day, I have not lost my temper. I can choose to pause and ask God for some self-control.

I can make healthier choices with what I put into my mouth start with my first bite today. I can thank God for the abundance of food at my fingertips.

I can begin to clean the mess that has accumulated on the family room floor. Or I can attempt to finger through the pile of papers on my kitchen counter. Accomplishing one task at a time, I can be that much closer to a clean house.

My day can begin by talking with Jesus despite the fact that yesterday my "to do" list won out. I can give Him my worries rather than attempt to heal my pain through other avenues.

"Thank you, Lord, for brand new mornings. From the moment I step out of bed, my choices are new. Thank you for a new day. Help me to live it for you."

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