Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thank You

I had a song running through my mind this morning that I can't even remember now. Now, as I attempt to recall it, a new song has taken hold of my mind. Both are songs about God and help my heart start the day in the right condition.

Nikelle attends AWANA which is a Bible memorization club. I attended the clubs when I was growing up as well. Thanks to my mom and some others, many of these verses, as well as the books of the Bible, run through my mind in the form of a song. These days, all the sections that need to be memorized by the clubbers are put to music on a CD you can purchase. This is an investment I have just been thrilled with.

Last night, Nike sang through the books of the Old Testament. This is valuable because she will be able to look up verses easier as she now knows where to find each book of the Bible. (She learned the New Testament books last year.) The thing that thrills my heart even more is that Jaycie, at the age of three, knows many of the books of the Bible. She also knows John 3:16 as well as other verses simply because we listen to them in the van.

If we are driving somewhere, we have the AWANA music playing. It's not my first choice, but I would also have to say that my children are NOT dictating what we listen to. I know the importance of my girls hiding God's Word in their hearts. Music is the best way to accomplish this goal. Years later, a verse will run through their mind in the form of a song as mine does now. It will do their hearts good.

"Thank you, Lord, for music. Thank you that there are talented people out there who take the time to put Bible verses to a tune so we can memorize it and hide it in our hearts for later reflection."

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