Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanking for Traditions

We helped Mom decorate the house for Christmas today. Other than last year, this is not a normal thing for us to do. Dad and Mom always decorated and we just enjoyed the environment afterwards.

We're thinking through how we will do things different this year. The fact is, traditions cannot remain the same. It's impossible. It will help us if we can create new traditions.

We've decided that the girls will spend the night at my mom's house prior to Christmas Eve and at Rod's mom's house on Christmas Eve. Not only will this be fun for them but it will hopefully help ease the pain for our moms on these days. We will then begin our new tradition of celebrating Christmas the day after Christmas by opening our gifts that morning. It will likely be a good thing. The girls will be able to sleep in and then they will have more time to play with their toys and enjoy a relaxing day.

"Thank you, Lord, for traditions: both old and new. The memories of the old and the excitement of the new allow healing for the heart."

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