Sunday, December 14, 2008

December Craziness

It's December 14th already? Truly, it seems as though December, in particular, is a balancing act. How much can you fit into a day and how can you prioritize it to make certain every minute counts? There are deadlines to be met. Every day is a countdown to a Christmas gathering or Christmas day itself. We attempt to see how little sleep we can get by on so we can cram just a little more into the day. It's necessary to pay attention to the food we eat so we aren't mindlessly adding to our waistline. I've heard that "the average American will gain at least five pounds of body fat during the holidays". I certainly don't want to be average or above average in this case. Balance during this season is extremely difficult to find.

Yesterday was one of those days where I had crammed too much into the previous week, was lacking sleep and ate like there was no tomorrow. Today, I feel rested. (I wonder if that could be related to actually going to sleep at a decent hour?) Because I have that restfulness, I don't feel as much stress. I do, however, feel "blah" from my eating binge yesterday. My joints all feel swollen from the water retention resulting from all the salty foods I inhaled. My mouth feels like I can't possibly drink enough water to satisfy my thrist and the scale says I put on that five pounds of holiday fat in one day! In all seriousness, I know I didn't gain five pounds yesterday. One day of eating right will correct the scale to bring it a little closer to reality.

Today, I'm going to make certain I get some rest again. I cannot possibly get through another week without it. I'm going to eat healthy. My focus is to get five fruits and/or vegetables in today and track what I eat while I am certain to drink enough glasses of water. And last, but certainly not least, I am going to ask God for help through my day. Why is it so easy to prioritize Him right out of our lives when things get busy even though He should be at the top of the list?

This season is supposed to be about God. I need to be certain I don't forget Him or intentionally push Him aside.

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