Thursday, January 15, 2009

10 Things I Like About Me

More than one person has responded to my blog and told me that I am too hard on myself. My openness in my blog causes some people concern that I struggle daily with who I am. That being said, I thought it appropriate to assure you that I do like myself. Here are 10 things I like about me:

1. I am valuable. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I believe this whole-heartedly. I am special. Created to love my Creator and to love the rest of His creation. I love that I am not here by chance. I was "knit" together. Makes me feel very loved.

2. I am honest. This is a characteristic I strive for each day. Sometimes, I tend to err on the side of being too honest. Still, I strive for honesty and like this about myself.

3. I am open. This may be why some of you feel like I am too critical of myself with my blog. Because I am open and honest, you see into my life in a way that many don't allow even those closest to them to see. I'm an open book. It's an invitation in a way. Here's who I am. If you like it, join this walk with me. If not, I'm still comfortable with who I am.

4. I'm giving. I give of my time, my belongings and myself. Sometimes I may err on giving too much and therefore wear myself out so that I'm no good for anyone. Although I need to find balance in this area, I want to be known as a giving person. I believe God would be pleased with this.

5. I'm organized. I thrive on organization. Rod once said that I focus too much on the details. This is probably why our marriage works. I focus on details he doesn't realize are important. To organize a closet or a drawer is energizing to me. (Now if I can only organize my thoughts!)

6. I'm an extrovert. People are important to me. I believe it's why we are here on this earth. Relationships. Without them, what's the point? It is through our relationships that we reflect Christ. I invest so much time into relationships that I often neglect important things like cleaning my house. Still, I feel so adamently about this that I'm okay with a messy house (at times).

7. I'm purposeful. I don't just allow life to happen. My calendar is full. I don't just wait to see what will happen next. I want to make things happen. All of these flow together and as I write, I realize I'm quite happy with who I am as a whole.

8. I'm a writer. I may not be paid to write. I may not have my name on any books or articles but I do a decent job putting my thoughts onto paper. God has gifted me in this way. Writing frees my heart. I find joy as I write.

9. I am loyal. Losing relationships breaks me up inside. I want to do everything I possibly can to keep relationships in my life in tact. This can often spread me too thin. At the same time, I want to be able to run into someone from my past and feel free to smile and say "hello" without any baggage from the past.

10. I am a Child of God. Although a sinner, because of the payment Christ took on the cross for my sins, I am free. Although undeserving, His grace allows me to live unshackled. I love the song "Free" by Ginny Owens. The lyrics to the chorus are "You're free to dance-Forget about your two left feet; And you're free to sing-Even joyful noise is music to me; and you're free to love, Cause I've given you My love, and it's made you free, Free from worry, free from envy and denial; Free to live, free to give, free to smile."

For those of you concerned about me, I do like myself. (Although I appreciate the positive comments from you!) I just believe that as God's Child, I am called to change to be more like Him. There will always be areas in my life that need improvement. Until I'm with Him for eternity, I'll strive to please Him...and that requires some examination and change.

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  1. Well Put. Maybe I need to do more examining of myself. I appreciate your sharing and openness! Love, Me