Friday, January 30, 2009

Contorted Dreams

Isn't it absolutely crazy how real a dream can feel?

Not to go too overboard with the details...but I just awoke from a dream where I was at my mom's house. My mom and I were going to hop in the van to leave. My mom got into the driver's side of the van and I went to open the passenger side door. Instead, I hopped into the back. Dad was sitting in the passenger seat. He was listening to Steve Green on the radio. As we drove around the circle drive, he asked my mom to stop so he could pick some cherries. They were really apples. She slowed down so he could pick an apple but he couldn't get one (it was like his illness didn't allow him to have the hand-eye coordination that he needed). I just grabbed one for him and he sat eating it as he commented on all the apples we had this year. These apple trees were all along the circle drive and we were in awe of how many beautiful apples there were. (In reality, my parents do have fruit trees but they are not located by the driveway and their apples are tiny at that. If the bugs or birds don't eat them first.) I commented in the dream that we should pick them all and make a bunch of apple pies.

All of a sudden in the dream I was in the passenger seat and dad was riding his bike in downtown Mokena. I told my mom in the dream that she could just drop me off at one of the main intersections downtown and I would walk where I was going. Then I said, "Oh that's silly because you have to get dad in the van anyway."

At this point in the dream, we didn't know where dad was anymore. We got worried as to where he was and pulled over to look for him. I ran into the store. (My grandma used to own the general store in Mokena which no longer exists anymore.) He wasn't in there but someone commented on where he was.

I ran to him and we were hugging and crying in relief when I woke up.

My emotions are all twisted right now, trying to sort reality from this dream. Dreams are crazy. They can feel so real and make you so emotional and yet the reality is often contorted.

Reality is that I think about my dad all of the time. Reality is that I miss him and would love for him to be here with us. The rest of it doesn't give me much reality.

Dreams have left me angry with people for things they didn't even do in reality. Dreams have left me hopeful when there was no hope to be had. I don't put too much thought into my dreams. If they're like this where they leave me emotional, I'll mention them to Rod and maybe a couple others. Then I forget about them.

Rod on the other hand has the stories to tell about his dreams. If he's never shared them with you, ask him about them sometime. It's quite dangerous sleeping next to him!

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  1. I've had some of those dreams, especially about Jessi. They were so real that I could feel her touch. God knew what I needed when I needed it. As for the scarey ones, try not to drink milk before going to bed. ha ha