Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008

Goodbye 2008. There are mixed feelings in saying goodbye to the year past. In a way, it feels like a final goodbye to our dads. That chapter of life is closed. Their influence will still be part of the story but the people, themselves, are gone from the current story.

It was a difficult year. No doubt about that one. I still shake my head in astonishment that our dads are gone. Each day I am more accepting of this fact. Each day it is easier to take another step into the future.

I would love to cling to the past. I want to hang on and yell and not let go. We must press on.

I feel a small spark inside my soul. Not a good spark. It's a spark of anger. Anger towards cancer. Whenever I hear the word I feel the embers of anger begin to stir. Cancer robbed us of our dads. Cancer stole some of our most valuable moments in life. Cancer makes me angry.

I posted earlier this year about a friend of ours that was diagnosed with cancer (see post). Our friends ended 2008 with a call from their doctor's office. He was told that his latest PET scan came back clear!

Goodbye 2008. Here's hoping for 2009 to be cancer free for us all!

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