Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grateful for Girls

The girls were too cold to continue playing outside in the snow. Why not bring it inside into the bathtub?

I love how the girls light up around each other. Ande squirms and wants to jump out of my arms when she sees her sisters in the morning. "Baby Ande!", Nikelle exclaims each time her youngest sister wakes up from a nap. "You want to eat me?" Jaycie asks her baby sister. "I eat you," she states as she gums her hands, feet or belly. " taste nummy!"

I am so thrilled to have these little people in my life. I do not know what God has in store for each of them but I am anxious to see what difference they will have in this world.
Jaycie is a riot when she wants to be. She just makes me laugh (if she's not making me yell or cry). Here she is making pizza. Although I needed to instruct her that we don't use flour that way, I did need to stop and take a picture of our mischievous little girl!

Today, and every day, I am blessed to have these three little creations of God to take care of.

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