Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Unexpected from Customer Service

Last week I received a package at the door. It was not addressed to me but had our address. I proceeded to contact the company who sent it. I informed them that this person did NOT live here and they advised me to mark it "Return to Sender" and place it in my mailbox. I knew this wouldn't work because it was not delivered by the United States Postal Service but did what I was told.

When I went to get our mail later that day, the box was still there. I contacted the company once again. This time it was a new customer service agent. She asked if I would be willing to send the package back to them and be reimbursed later. What?! I advised her that I would NOT and that if they wanted the package, they should have a driver come pick it up the same way it was delivered. (I don't know why I get irritated by these types of things. Trying to do the right thing but not getting any service.)

I was informed by customer service that they would NOT be sending a driver. I should keep the product and they would contact the true customer and see about shipping her a new one. They would then try to work something out. I guess this was her way of telling me I have something new to keep.

It's a workout product and video. Rod said maybe it's Providence? Looks like I have some assistance in helping me get healthy from an unexpected source.

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