Friday, February 27, 2009

In Remembrance

(lyrics modified by Dorothy Tuttle)

Jesus, I heard you had a big house
Where I could have a room of my own
Jesus, I heard you had a big yard,
Big enough to let a kid roam

I heard you had clothes in your closet
Just the right size that I wear
And Jesus, I heard if I give you
My heart, then you would let me go there

Jesus, I heard about mealtime,
...When all your children come to eat,
I heard you had a great big table
Where every kid could have his own seat

Jesus, they said that there'd be plenty
...Of good things in heaven to share
And Jesus, I'd just like to tell you
I sure would love to go there

Jesus, I heard you have a cabin
On a farm for my Papa to share
I heard you had a pond full of fishes
Swimming under Sonshine so fair

'Cause you promise we can't even imagine
All the things that you went to prepare
And Jesus I just want to tell you
I'm sure glad my Papa is there

And Jesus, I went to say thank you
One day I'll meet my Papa up there.


  1. That video is really sweet. It was nice to see since I wasn't able to be at the service. The new lyrics your mom wrote are very neat! We're praying for you guys today!

  2. The truth is even more powerful when you take God at His word. Faith is believing what we can't see, but we can trust in His promises. I'm so grateful that we can trust His promise of being reunited one day in His presence. He is so much better than anything this world has to offer! Praying your whole family feels His presence at this moment.