Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little Bear brings back Memories

It's a rare occasion that I just sit with my girls. Yesterday, I accepted Jaycie's request to just sit and hold her. We watched an episode of "Little Bear". In this episode, Little Bear helps Father Bear in the yard. Little Bear helps by watering Father Bear's garden. The water would not come out of the hose at first which, he was informed by his snake friend, was due to a kink. Little Bear looks into the hose as he shakes it and as the kink comes loose, spraying Little Bear in the face. Little Bear and his friend snake laugh and enjoy the fun. Little Bear then decides to step on the hose and tell Father Bear that the water won't come out of the hose. Father Bear looks into the hose and ponders when Little Bear takes his foot off of the hose and sprays Father Bear in the face. They laugh and play and have fun.

All of this brought back memories of my dad. Dad loved to garden and it was hard work. Growing up as a kid, I didn't appreciate the value of everything involved in this process. I just knew that we didn't sleep in too often as it was important to get out before the heat of the day to get the gardening done. There was weeding, watering, spraying, more weeding, watering, spraying and harvesting. On many occasions, dad would award our hard work with a trip to the Plush Horse Ice Cream Parlor or a day at the zoo or Great America or something else that inspired us to work hard.

On memory in particular, I recall a similar occasion as Little Bear and Father Bear. I must have been the one watering the garden as dad planted or weeded. In my wisdom, I realized that I could spray dad with the hose and run away before he could get back at me. Needless to say, I didn't plan it out all that well. I sprayed him and ran. Dad ran after me and I thought I had gotten off scot-free. That is until he undid the connections between the hoses that reached to the garden and held it over my head as the water poured all over me. We laughed, soaked, and enjoyed a memory that I can cherish today.

It's the simple things that seem to come to my mind like that. Small things that I cherish. A moment when my dad stepped away from the work to have a little fun with his daughter. I pray that I can take time out from the daily grind to give memories to my girls that they will cherish after I am gone.

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