Monday, March 16, 2009

Kids say...

I went for a jog tonight when Rod got home. (On a side note, I have a long way to go before I can actually run consistently for 30 minutes but something is better than nothing, right?) When I got home, I felt more relaxed and ready to face life.

Nikelle was talking about why people run.

My response went something like this: "Do you know how sometimes I yell?"
Nikelle: "Like at yell at him a lot."
Me: "I yell at everybody a lot."
Nikelle: "But you really yell at Daddy a lot."
Me: "You're right, Nikelle. It's wrong for me to yell at Daddy. I need to stop."
Nikelle: "Maybe you should just shut your mouth when you want to yell."

The point I was going to make to her is that I don't yell nearly as much when I get out and go for a run. I feel much more relaxed. I feel better about myself as a whole. Rod and I both told her this is why we both like it when I get out and run. She could not get off the whole thought of my yelling at her daddy, however. Sometimes I guess God just wants the conversation to take a different course.

The conversation went on but her advice was well taken. I'll try to remember to just shut my mouth from now on.

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