Saturday, March 28, 2009

Longing for Sleep

Three kids has me in a tailspin. I really have yet to adjust to three. I love each of them. They each add so much to our lives. I wouldn't trade any of them for anything in the world. (Although maybe for a full night's sleep...) Seriously, I just cannot figure out how to balance life and the demands of three children.

I have great intentions. The baby is almost 7-months-old. She should know how to sleep through the night. I've contributed to this problem. We've created some bad habits and she doesn't get herself back to sleep by herself. Well, maybe she would if I gave her more time to do it. I just don't want her to wake up her sisters and have three children up in the middle of the night. Twice, while her older sisters have had sleepovers, I've allowed the baby to cry it out and get herself back to sleep. They were not consecutive days and we are still getting up a couple of times each night.

Needless to say, I'm tired. My brain is foggy. My body is desiring rest. And I'm overeating to compensate. I'm a few pounds from attending Weight Watchers for free again and yet I'm not disciplined enough.

Random thoughts...
Foggy brain...
Think I'll go find something to help me relax that doesn't put pounds onto my body...

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