Sunday, March 22, 2009

running nowhere in every direction

Life seems out of control sometimes. There is always something on the calendar. Some type of demand to be met. Even when there is time to relax, we have three little kids that need something almost every moment.

I'm currently doing a study with some friends entitled "running nowhere in every direction". There is much to apply and yet I keep fighting it. In my mind, I can't say "no" to people. I don't want to miss out and I thrive on relationships. At the same time, I have to be intentional or my family, my marriage and myself gets moved to the back burner.

We were sick for two weeks in this house. Just one way God is getting my attention to slow down. After that bout of illness, I took every Friday night and wrote "family night" on the calendar.

This Friday, there was a MOPS activity I could have attended. It took everything in me to stay home. I made dinner, Rod's mom was over and joined us, and Rod asked his mom to stay and watch the girls while we went out.

It was one of the best date nights Rod and I have had in a long time. We had already eaten so our night did not revolve around food. This was a strange feeling as we did not go out to eat for dinner or dessert. We decided to go bowling despite the hour long wait. As we waited, we got something to drink and sat and talk. Uninterrupted conversation? That was one we haven't felt in a while. Looking into each other's eyes as we talked? Another unusual experience. We bowled two games. I won the first. Rod won the second. Rod's total won overall. Despite the defeat, it was a night to treasure. This was well needed for our marriage.

I've been talking to different friends about making our husbands a priority. I have plenty of advice to give but sometimes I forget to take advice for myself. God is attempting to impress upon me the importance of making Rod my priority. Why is it important enough for me to schedule time with others on my calendar and yet time with my husband and daughters should just "happen".

Being intentional paid off this Friday night. Maybe we can try it again soon.

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