Sunday, March 15, 2009

Running on Empty

Our household has been sick for a couple of weeks. After two weeks of breaking fevers, dispensing medicine, monitoring coughing attacks, administering nebulizer treatments and awakening at all kinds of odd hours, I am running on empty. Thankfully, everyone is finally looking like they are on the mend. A little bit of medication to finish up as well as a few more days of nebulizer treatments and we are in the clear.

It's been six months since my baby has been born leaving me looking at sleeping through the night as something to be coveted. Prior to the baby's birth, so much was going on in life (husband travelling too much for work, dads battling cancer, pregnancy, death) that I simply cannot recall the last time I had consistent uninterrupted sleep. It is something I long for. It is also something I am realizing is directly impacting my a very negative way.

When I am tired, I am overly irritable. I overeat. Self-control is in high demand. My mind and body just don't work like they should. I'm needing to take measures to get more sleep. It's important for every area of my life. I do believe God is impressing on me the importance of learning to rest as well.

Choppy sleep = choppy thoughts = choppy life. It's time to make change happen.

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