Monday, May 11, 2009

Kids say...

Rod's shared two stories with me lately about the kids that were fairly humorous.

The other day, Nikelle was watching "Max and Ruby". If you have never had the privilege of watching this little cartoon, allow me to enlighten you. Max and Ruby are two little bunnies who oddly do everything without parental supervision (although sometimes the Grandma comes into the picture). I find it to be an annoyingly strange cartoon overall. Still, my girls love it. Ruby is the older sister who is continually giving Max orders and acting like his mother. Max is always doing thing Ruby doesn't like and getting in her way. As Nikelle watched this show the other day, she commented to Rod. "I like Max and Ruby because it's kind of like mine and Jaycie's relationship." When asked "How so?" she replied, "Well, because they have problems..." Rod probed a little more " sharing..." she told him. Interesting thoughts in her head.

We found a little more humor the other Saturday morning after Rod finished up some yard work around the house. Rod and the girls were in the basement together when Jaycie sniffed the air and commented. "I smell a skunk." Nikelle corrected her sister, "No, Jaycie, that's not a skunk..." In all seriousness she continued, "that's just Daddy."

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  1. Oh my goodness!! That show is the most annoying I've ever seen, but seems to be one of Emma's favorites. I don't know why. I've always wondered where the parents are too. Funny! :)