Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Andelise is 9-months-old today. Over the past couple of weeks, she has learned to crawl and stand by herself. She is a real go-getter and today, she took her first step. (Yes, Mom, technically it may have happened a couple weeks ago but I still need to watch the video to find out - I'll retract my statement if I find that to be true.) There was no question that she let go of my hand today and took one steady step prior to attempting her second step reaching for the arm of the LazyBoy before she fell on her face.

She keeps me busy and I wasn't really ready to have her walking too much before her first birthday. Guess I better get used to it quick. It doesn't look like she plans on crawling for long.


  1. She took her first steps already?!? Wow!

  2. Technically, it was her first step. I don't know that she'll continue this (although she does seem very determined). I know, seriously. The little girl needs to slow down a bit. I'm exhausted! :)

  3. Oh My! Slow down little girl. You are growing up way to fast!