Friday, June 19, 2009

For a moment like this

We've all had those days where we want to pretend like we don't know our own children. The child shouts something embarrassing and we want to crawl into a hole! That's why it is so nice to have those moments when we can walk away feeling like we're raising our kids right. Two of those moments happened to me recently.

One occurred in the mall. I took the girls to the play place and watched as Nikelle went to play with Jaycie. A little girl walked up to Nikelle and asked her if she wanted to play tag. Upon hearing this, I prepared myself to deal with a whiney Jaycie in anticipation of her big sister going off to play with a new "friend". Instead, I smiled inside as I heard Nike respond with "No, thank you. But thank you for offering." Very nice. I was pleased. Not only did she play with her little sister (which was the only reason she was allowed to play at the mall), but she responded in a way I believe Jesus would be happy with. I informed her of the same.

The next moment that made my heart smile in parenting happened right here at home. I had just got done telling my daughters for the umpteenth time that they were not to bounce on the air mattress that was out. Since they were not listening, the privilege to lay on the mattress was removed. Sitting with them as we finished up dinner, Jaycie asked if she could have a piece of candy. Since she had eaten her dinner, the answer was "yes". That reward was followed up with "Can we go back on the mattress?" My answer was of course, "no". Jaycie's response is what made my heart swell. "I wish Jesus make me a good girl." I smiled inside as I talked with her about asking Jesus to help her obey better from now on.

Moments like these help me during those moments where I want to run away and hide.

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  1. That was a sweet blog post. I hope my kids are like that too :-)