Thursday, June 4, 2009

Piggyback on Kids say...

This house is just full of little girls who love their Daddy. When he walks in the door from work, Andelise hears his voice and smiles. She then looks for him intently until she sees him. Finally, she bounces up and down in my arms anxiously awaiting his arms reaching out to her.

The piggyback is from my post the other day. Jaycie and I were cleaning her room today. She really does not enjoy cleaning (just one more way she is like her mother). As we were enduring this task, her voice and face get somewhat solemn as she states, "I wish Daddy were here...". As I'm wondering why in her mind she would think he would get her out of cleaning, she finished her sentence. "...'cause then he would tell us a funny joke."

It's just a never-ending love fest for Daddy around here. (And I'm beginning to wonder if there is a little brainwashing going on as well!)

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  1. Yeah, little girls are like that about their daddy's. I was the same with mine. It's the same with boys though, although some days I win over Daddy when I come home, but not often...