Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Full Schedule and Fresh Starts

I'm attempting to wean the baby.
Physical therapy is now on my calendar twice a week for a running injury.
I'm learning to work running back into my schedule.
Correction: Due to physical therapy, I'm learning to work walk/running back into my schedule.
Nikelle and Jaycie have dance class every Tuesday.
The girls have swim lessons every Wednesday and time to play with their cousins.
We gave Nikelle horseback riding lessons for her birthday. Another thing on the calendar.
Then there is our weekly journey group.
There are the play dates.
Time out with girlfriends.
Rod's geek meetings once a month.
Time out for him with the guys.
Time with family.
Time with extended family.
Time with both sides of the family.
Somewhere in there I should figure out how to clean my house.
These are all fairly important.

Needless to say, my "fresh start Monday" ended up being nothing of the sort. Still, I'm attempting to gain some control. It's a process. Every day there are decisions that need to be made. Some days I make good choices. Other days I have good intentions. My battle with my weight is one I fight every minute of every day. A full schedule does not help. I need to learn to manage my life better. Still, I'm grateful for the full life that I have. It means my blessings are in abundance.

I'm maintaining my weight. I'd just like to lose a bit more. Maybe the "fresh start" needs to move from Monday. Maybe I need a fresh start today.


  1. Have you ever checked out

  2. Thanks, Darcy. I just checked it out quick. I'll look again soon. Looks like it could be quite helpful. It'll just take a new mindset and that will require much energy in and of itself! :) Thanks for the tip!!