Monday, July 20, 2009

I have learned that a fresh start on Monday...again, is better than never starting at all.

The last time I stepped into a Weight Watchers meeting was about a month ago. Life just happened. Things got busy, the kids were sick and the next thing I know, I'm working off the same 5 -10 pounds I had just gotten off. Too often, I will beat myself up for putting weight on...especially over the weekend. Not eating right, going out to eat too often, choosing to indulge in too many desserts. These are all choices that lead to a pattern of guilt and more eating. Last week, I started fresh...only to end up starting fresh again today. The thing I've learned, however, is that it is better for me to start fresh again today than to never start at all.

I got out and went for a run today, pulled out all my Weight Watchers materials and have every intention of stepping into my meeting come Saturday morning. I may not be fitting into my comfortable, thinner wardrobe as I had planned but I am no longer wearing my elastic waistband pants every day feeling overweight, rundown and discouraged. There's hope.

Yep, starting fresh on Monday is better than never starting at all.

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