Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lessons from my Daughter

I took the girls to the grocery store the other day to quickly get just a few items prior to Rod getting home from work. He called to say he was coming home just as we were entering the store. I just handed the phone to Nikelle so she could talk with him as I got the two little ones situated in the cart. She handed the phone to me as she informed me, "Daddy said he'll be home in about 25 minutes." I took the phone and put it in my bag as I inquired, "That's all he said? He didn't want to talk to me?" "He probably had more important things to do," was my daughter's response. I thought this was kind of a funny response so I asked, "More important than talking to his wife?" I did my best job of acting surprised and put out. "Well, you aren't the most important thing, Mom. God is." True, Nik. Very True.

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