Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My preschooler

Jaycie started preschool last week. She had picked out her own backpack when we purchased school supplies for Nikelle. Jaycie attends Our Savior Lutheran Preschool just a short distance away from us. I love that I can walk her to school on days with nice weather.

Although she doesn't look very excited here, she was thrilled to go to preschool with her friend, Emily. Jaycie even told me today that seeing Emily at preschool was her "high" for the day. Her low was some little boy named Charlie who missed his Daddy at preschool.
I'm never in agreement with women who just can't imagine what they would do with themselves if they were stay-at-home moms. My to-do list is so never-ending that I don't even bother to write it down most days. Today I actually got on my unreliable treadmill and did some walk/run intervals for a half hour. It felt wonderful to actually do some exercise again!

Jaycie was very willing to sit and hold her baby sister, Andelise, while we waited for the classroom to open.

Jaycie chose her outfit to wear to school with the matching bandana.

At the end of class, the kids wait patiently for the teacher to call their name for them to go to their parent. Jaycie greeted me with a big smile and a huge monkey hug when I picked her up. She thoroughly enjoys going to school. The next morning she woke up asking if she was going to school that day. I'm so grateful that preschool is an exciting experience for her and not one where I have to drag her each time.

She also started Cubbies in AWANA with her cousin, Elena. She is excited to be doing this, too. No one would ever know how excited Jaycie is to be growing up. She pretends to be a little mute when she is in groups. I'm just thankful we've progressed to not yelling and screaming as I leave her.

It's hard to believe almost 4 years have passed since God gave Jaycie to us. Boy does time fly!


  1. Emma starts preschool officially tomorrow and Cubbies too!! I'm excited to see everything she learns. Her, Jaycie and Laney should have lots to talk about next time they're together. We're thinking of heading to the Shedd Aquarium on a free day sometime in the near future, so we might want to stay overnight. It'd be great to get the girls together again!

  2. Matthew started preschool today and he loved it, too. I agree...where did the 4 years go?

  3. Emily loves going to school with her "girl buddy" Jaycie!