Sunday, November 1, 2009

Giving Thanks - November 1st

This morning, my baby girl decided that she no longer will sit in the baby seat for the bath tub. With each day, she is deciding that she wants a little more freedom. My baby isn't a baby anymore.

For Jaycie's birthday this past month, my mom bought her a book entitled "Llama Llama misses Momma". It's a story about a little llama who goes to school and doesn't want to play because he misses his momma. Bottom line is that Llama Llama can love his Momma and school, too. After we read the book to Jaycie, she responded, "I don't miss you."

I watched out the window the other day as Nikelle got home from school. She exited the bus and stood at the corner waving to her friends until the bus pulled away. Then she turned toward the house and began to walk home. Prior to this moment, the bus had come early and I wasn't out there to meet her. She simply walked down the street by herself and let herself in with the garage code. Since then, she has informed me that she likes to get off the bus by herself unless it is raining.

When did my girls grow up so fast?

This morning I was reading through an old prayer journal of mine where I asked God for a memory that would last a lifetime. It was the Reindeer Run in December of 2006 that my dad ran with me. In that moment, I had no idea that two short months later, my dad would be diagnosed with cancer that took his life.

Thank you, Lord, for memories. Thank you that as my girls grow up as quickly as I blink, I can cherish moments in my heart from the past. Thank you that although my dad may no longer be here with me on this earth, you allowed me moments to treasure for a lifetime.

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