Monday, November 23, 2009


My husband and I have decided that we are totally incompatible. When we really think about it, we wonder what it was that actually brought us together. The world would have told us that we wouldn't make it. Actually, many people didn't think it was a good idea for us to get married. After all, I was only 18.

So, what is it that has kept us together? I mean really... he is the total definition of a geek (and proud of it). (For Rod's birthday I had a lapse of judgment and bought him his long-coveted velcro shoes. It's not bad enough that he's seven years older than me. Now he reminds me of his grandpa!) I may not be Ms. Popularity, but I was able to at least hang with the popular crowd at times. He enjoys the history channel and science fiction. I enjoy a good romance and a lot of reality. Rod is a task-oriented person. He has to be intentional to think about the relationships involved. I am relationship oriented. If there is a relationship to focus on, the task on hand can wait. Give Rod a quiet evening at home and he'll thrive. Give me a group of friends to have quality time with and my tank is full. He could stay up all night while I'm an early to bed early to rise person. So, why exactly are we together?

Here's one thing I know. When I was dating Rod, I remember that we could talk about anything for long periods of time. We had fun doing whatever it was that we were doing. Rod is so light-hearted that he knows how to enjoy the moment. And it's always good clean fun. Of course, now he attempts to have fun and I just give him an evil glare. And if he really pushes it, watch out - there's a schedule to be kept and someone has to be the responsible one (that would be me).

The main thing that attracted me to Rod and still makes my heart overflow with love for him after all these years is that He is a man who loves God and desires to live his life according to God's rules. He puts God first. I'm second on the list and the girls follow in line. He also knows people are important and steps out of his comfort zone to form relationships. I have never known a man to desire to live for God more. I am totally turned on by this man who's heart is after God.

My husband and I are a good team. He knows me and loves me despite my flaws, he encourages to be myself and become more of the person God desires me to be. He and I are in agreement on the big things and we are one when it comes to raising the kids. Where he has flaws, I have strengths. Where I am lacking, he completes me. We fill each others gaps.

There's history built over 13 plus years that can never be traded in. I love that he is willing to work through our problems. He doesn't pretend they don't exist and in the beginning of our marriage when I was overly selfish and immature, he loved me despite it all and begged to God for the change we desperately needed.

There is so much I could say about my husband but it all ends in this: God gave me a gift and I am forever grateful. I could have never dreamed life would be what it is today simply because I married this man.

Lord, thank you for my husband. Thank you for the life we share together and the three little girls you've created from the two of us. Thank you for the love you've built between us. I am so anxious to see what the future holds for us. Bless him for desiring to follow you. Thank you for knowing what I needed long before I ever did.

Rod, I love you and thank God for you constantly!

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  1. Wow, that was really wonderful. God is great and really knows what He is doing when he makes two become one. It is amazing how He can perfectly match people even when the match seems impossible.