Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My stupidity

I sometimes plan a trip to the grocery store and cut out coupons only to find myself at check-out without the coupons. (It's a good day if I've remembered to bring my wallet in.)

I often leave my keys in my front door after I let myself in.

The other day I blew a stop sign in our neighborhood. (Actually, I stopped. It was just that I was already 1/2 way through the intersection.)

I invited one of Nikelle's friend's to an activity the other day. I was actually complimenting myself on what a wonderful mother I was because I remembered when Nikelle didn't. Nikelle was kind enough to remind me that the activity wasn't until the following week.

Nikelle wanted to order a t-shirt from school. I told her we would. I found the order form on the desk the other day with the due date having well passed. Ditto on her cookie orders for the school fundraiser. (Good thing I hadn't asked anyone else to place an order.)

I really believe I am losing my mind. Things I never had patience for in other people are happening to me all the time. Forgetting appointments, missing deadlines, just one stupid thing after the other.

I was really beating myself up over this the other day. I know they say women lose brain cells with the birth of each child but this is getting a bit ridiculous. I had always said that I didn't want to be one of those moms that had so many children she couldn't use her brain anymore. Hello! This is now my world. "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn't know what to do..." I pray Rod continues to be employed, or I will uncannily be able to relate to this lady!

The other day I identified what is really going on. It's not that I have too many children. It isn't even that my calendar is too full. The problem is that I asked God for it. I asked God and He answered my prayer. I read somewhere that Christians are supposed to be humble (probably the Bible). Now I know that asking for humility is a lot like asking for patience. God is simply making certain I know what humility is.

Thank you, Lord, for humility. I know I tend to be a proud person. When I am continually doing stupid things, it's a little difficult to be filled up with pride. Continue to humble me, Lord. It reminds me that I am not the one in control. I have no choice but to lean on you and that is a good place to be.


  1. Not to give you a "Big Head" But I am thankful for all of your posts...because really, I think you are perfect just the way you are, especially stupidity and mistakes, it makes me know that I am not alone! LOL! Love you!

  2. I second that. Tristi, you are doing a great job! I don't know how you do it with 3 kids, I really don't. Go you!

  3. Thanks guys. I wasn't looking for compliments but hey - thanks for helping to keep me humble! ;) God is my strength and the only way I make it through each day - sincerely.