Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Overabundance of Thanks November 5th

The amount of laundry in this house is insane! I will spend the entire day just putting a new load in the washer, switching it to the dryer, folding the clothes and starting the process over and over again. Not to mention the fact that I still actually have to put the clothes away at some point so that we are not rummaging for clothes in the laundry baskets every morning. Yesterday as I was putting clothes away, I was once again overwhelmed with the amount of clothing we have for each girl. No wonder the laundry is never ending!

The dishes continually pile up. I will work hard to keep the kitchen clean and allow myself to relax because of it. I can honestly feel the tension leave my neck and shoulders and as I sit to enjoy my clean kitchen. That's when I realize there are dishes all over the counters again! How exactly does this happen?

It's easy to get frustrated with the amount of housework I face each day. There are always messes to pick up. I will find myself focusing on cleaning one room, happy the kids are playing nicely in another. Once I feel that satisfied feeling of a job well done, it is quickly deflated by finding the girls and realizing the hurricane has hit! I get to clean up after the kids numerous times every day.

It's difficult to remember that there are many people out there longing for warm enough clothes for the season. There is the population who longs for a nutritious meal not caring what it is served on. And there are many people who cry to God just to have one child to call their own. I need to remember that I am truly blessed.

Thank you, Lord, for an overabundance of everything. Thank you that we are not in need or even in want. Thank you that you have surrounded us with so many people who shower us with gifts. Thank you for so many clothes it doesn't matter if I skip out on doing laundry for the week. Thank you that we have ample food to eat and the dishes to eat them off of. Thank you for the blessing of three little girls to take care of, even when I am losing my mind. Thank you, Lord, that I really have no idea what it is like to be in need or in want. I am truly grateful for all of your blessings.


  1. This post is another of the many reason I am thankful for having you in my life Tristi. Thank you so much for the daily reminders that I so need!

  2. I need them for myself, Rosie, but I'm glad they can benefit others as well!