Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful for Ordinary Moments

Many mornings as Rod leaves for work, the girls will wave goodbye from the front window. I've been working on showing Ande how blowing kisses works. Before he walked out the door for work the other day, he blew Andelise a kiss. She took her hand, covered MY mouth and blew him a kiss. Too sweet.

The other night, Nikelle and I watched an American Girl movie, Chrissa. The movie is about bullying and now Nikelle is on a bullying crusade. She's even doing a family report (totally her own idea).

At Cubbies last night, Jaycie reached over and held my hand during the Bible story. I cannot tell you how much I cherished that moment. Simply because I could.

Jaycie wrote her own name on her craft last night as well. I told her the letters and she wrote them. Celebrate! It was just so cool to see her reach a milestone like that.

Last night on the way home from AWANA, I looked back at my girls to see a big smile on my baby while she kicked her legs because her big sister, Jaycie, was holding her hand. Store that one away.

Nikelle has a math facts quiz this morning. Considering the fact that I didn't work on her flashcards with her once yesterday while she was home for Veteran's Day, we did them before catching the bus. While we walked to the bus we were finishing them up. We had about five easy facts left to do as the bus pulled up. I told her to hurry (as though it were a game) and she answered them and smiled as she jumped onto the bus. I gave her the thumbs up as she pulled away.

Thank you, Lord, for ordinary moments. I often overlook cherishing these moments. Thank you for reminding me they won't last forever. I am so grateful for my girls. Thank you for blessing my life in abundance!

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  1. Very cool. It's nice to have days like that, isn't it?