Friday, November 20, 2009

Thankful intentions

There have been seasons of my life where I felt I pursued a lot of friendships. I would make phone calls, send letters, and find other ways to show my friends how much I desired their friendships. Oftentimes, I would be left frustrated that my pursuits were not acknowledged and I would assume that this meant that my friends did not desire the level of friendship I was interested in.

Today, I'm on the other end. I have a good amount of friends that are intentional in our friendship. They are the ones who place the phone call to me. I often find e-mails in my inbox just to let me know something specific and expressing thanks. Yesterday I received a card in the snail mail just letting me know my friend cared.

I'm frustrated with myself that I don't take the time for these little expressions anymore. I am constantly thinking about the fact that I should pick up the phone and arrange a get together. There are many many letters that I've written in my mind but never took the time to actually express to my friends through a letter or e-mail.

Lord, thank you for intentional friends. Thank you for the grace they offer me when I don't seem to return their friendship. Thank you that they understand this is just a season of my life. I'm struggling to find the balance and their friendships are more uplifting than they can possibly know. Bless my friends, Lord. Thank you so much for each one.


  1. :) I truly value our friendship because you are so open, honest an real! Thank you so much for being a friend that constantly encourages me to grow simple by being you.

  2. Thanks, Rosie. You are one of my intentional friends I refer to in the post.