Friday, November 6, 2009

Thanks for investing in my child 11-6-09

Today was parent/teacher conferences. Nikelle's teacher made a point of commenting on what a sweet and caring kid my daughter is. She also had a specific story to share about the fact that Nikelle overcame a fear by petting an alligator during the cold-blooded animals unit and how impressed she was. Jaycie's teacher encouraged me that for our "3-year-old friends", Jaycie is really taking those steps to grow into the stage she should be at. I am so grateful for the people who invest in my children's lives every day/week. From their school teachers to the nursery workers at church.

Thank you, Lord, for each and every person who plays a part in my children's lives. Thank you for the time and energy they give. Most importantly, thank you for showing me that they care about my kids personally.


  1. Sounds like conferences went well. Teachers always love to hear how thankful parents are to them. I always appreciated any kind words my parents would say to me. I really treasure those rare moments. Vanessa

  2. Good to hear the perspective from a teacher. Thanks!