Monday, November 9, 2009


I am officially uncomfortable in my comfy pants. I am well aware of the fact that I eat in response to almost any emotion. For some reason, I have yet to have my brain and mouth work together. I am fed up with feeling uncomfortable and that got me thinking this morning on the treadmill.

I am unhappy with the way I look and feel in the pants I am currently wearing. They are wearing out and I know I could look better and feel better about myself. My options are to start eating healthy and exercise so that I lose some weight and fit back into the wardrobe in my closet or purchase a wardrobe in a larger size. For me, purchasing even just one pair of pants that would allow me to feel better would be an invitation to continue my unhealthy eating habits. The other option HAS to happen. I HAVE to start eating healthy and exercising again. There is no other healthy way to lose weight.

This got me thinking about all the things that make me uncomfortable. Like the treadmill I was running on this morning. I'm not necessarily comfortable at this point in my exercise routine (probably because there is nothing routine about exercise in my life right now). At the same time, the discomfort I feel while I am exercising will help me shed these unwanted pounds. The end result will be a better body.

Then I started thinking about the many upcoming activities I have to attend and how some of them just make me downright squirmy with the discomfort I feel. It could be because I have to dress up and I'm not comfortable with that. Maybe it's just the people I'll be surrounded by who create discomfort for me. Whatever the reason, there are things in this life that make me uncomfortable. Usually I respond to this with avoidance or eating. This morning, I gave it to God. I prayed for each of the situations I could think of and asked Him to give me peace and prepare me for the moment.

Discomfort is a funny thing. We don't want to feel it but it can drive us to better things - healthy eating, better body, and a relationship with God.

Thank you, Lord, for the discomfort in my life. Being uncomfortable causes me to evaluate things. Help me as I work through the discomfort and make me more like You.

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  1. Oh, Tristi, you just described me to a "T". I don't know if you've ever seen the movie "Mean Girls", but there's a scene where the girl is describing the cafeteria and where to sit, and she has this line about a group of girls, "Girls who eat their feelings." That is totally me. I've been trying so hard lately to keep from doing that and I have had small successes. Just know that each day you start fresh, and if you make a mistake with eating, the day is not a wash, you just try again for the rest of the day (that's what I keep telling myself every time I falter- which is a lot). I'm with you on this :-)