Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An emotional day

Today was an emotional day from start to finish. That's why I suppose it hit the heartstrings when Jaycie said what she said. We were on our way home from AWANA when Nikelle and her friend started talking about Christmas which led to Jesus' birth which brought conversation about Jesus dying on the cross for us which naturally led to his resurrection. We mentioned how Jesus proved he was God by raising from the dead. How everyone else stays dead when they die. This is when Jaycie chimed in.

Jaycie: "But Grandpa and Papa will come back when it snows."
Me: "No, Jay. They won't. Grandpa and Papa are in Heaven with Jesus."
Jaycie: "Then who will play Santa at Grams' house?"
Me: "That's a nice memory we have of Papa, Jay. We'll just have to see who else can be Santa."

It just made me cry.


  1. That made me tear up, too. Isn't it amazing what kids say? Matthew will say things to me that to him don't mean a thing but to me, mean everything.