Thursday, December 3, 2009

A new "BFF"

So, Nikelle came home from school today having done her homework on the bus. Not more than 5 minutes after getting into the door, the phone rang with a number I did not recognize. For some reason, I decided to answer the phone anyway. It was a friend calling for Nikelle. Nikelle took the phone and talked for a short while. When she hung up she informed me that her friend, David, was hungry and he would call her back in a minute after he ate.

Being the responsible parent that I am, I began my inquiry as to who David was. My daughter went on to inform me of her new "BFF" that she just made the other day. My question was, "you just met him yesterday and he's your new BFF"? Silly question from Nikelle's tone. "No, I didn't just meet him yesterday."

"Is he in your class?"
"Does he sit at your table?"
"Not any more. He used to sit at my table but now he sits at a different table."
"What do you like about him?"
"He plays with me at recess."
"What do you play?"
"We play dog... Xander plays too..."

Now it all started falling into place a bit. I know Xander. He's a good kid. By association, David probably is as well. Nikelle enjoys playing with kids that want to use their imaginations. I'm glad she's found a couple of them who are willing to join in on her choice of fun.

David called back a couple of other times and I did my darnedest to listen in. For a little while, they even played "dog" on the phone. That was interesting. I put a time limit on her call and when he called back for the purpose of getting her address to write a letter, I tried to control the time of that conversation as well.

My mind naturally fast forwarded to the future. There will be boys calling and she won't be so willing to have the conversation in the living room where I am in earshot. It's only going to get harder. And to think I was feeling a bit nervous just because I didn't know what kind of influence this 7-year-old boy is having on my daughter. Yikes! God help us. Sincerely. God help us.

Any advice?

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