Saturday, January 9, 2010


We cancelled our cable. Actually, we have our phone and internet through cable, still. We've simply reduced the amount of channels we can watch. Now it's the local channels... 2, 5, 7, 9, Fox. The basics. It was such a difficult decision to make. I cannot even tell you how long I've felt that God was telling me I watch too much television. I simply was unwilling to give it up. I so enjoy being able to flip on the T.V. and escape. Allowing my mind to numb is such a fabulous feeling. I guess it really came down to our finances that finally prompted us to cut it. That's a good chunk of change each month for a habit that does us no good. We finally followed through on the prompting right before Christmas. Starting this new year, we no longer have the opportunity to sit and flip through channels mindlessly. (Well, we can, it just takes less than a minute to do so.)

Rod said it best the other night. He said something like "It's somewhat freeing not to have all the channels to surf through. It almost seemed like we had to just because they were there." Now that they aren't there, my house is cleaner and I've really enjoyed reading some good books. I even think I'm thinking a little more clearly now.

It's still hard sometimes. There are moments I really want to see what is on the Hallmark channel. There are times the kids would like to watch something on Disney. Overall, though, we can easily slip in a movie or watch WTTW if we feel the urge. I think this is a great change entering the new year. Most of all, I feel like it is an obedience issue. I feel like God has been asking me what is more important for a long time. He's asked me to get rid of the way I fill my mind with junk and spend more time on the important things. I feel like I finally submitted and it's a good feeling. I wonder why I didn't give in sooner? Why is it so hard to give up control sometimes?

Now, off to finish Twilight... (not exactly the more important things, but it's a book my cousin gave me to read and there's a lot in it that makes me think about self-control and true sacrificial love).


  1. We have tossed around the idea too. It's basically the only thing left that we haven't cancelled because it's really the last "luxury" we've got! Kudos to you guys for actually doing it.

  2. Wow! Good for you. That is our last "luxury" that we have, but we are also considering cancelling it as well.