Friday, February 26, 2010

All or Nothing

My "all or nothing" mentality, I've decided, is one of the reasons I am not currently in a healthy place in my life. One needs to eat healthy and exercise regularly in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, correct?

When I trained for the marathon in 2007, I injured my foot early on going down the basement stairs. I believe that injury lead to an injury in my leg and both injuries are nagging to say the least. I went to physical therapy this fall and they gave me exercises to do in order to help. Par for the course, I twisted my foot, again, while in therapy. This time, unpacking from a camping trip. (Maybe I need to start watching where I walk.) Still, I know if I regularly do the exercises given to me by the therapists and continue with an exercise routine, the injuries don't flare too much.

Any exercising I've done since November has been sporatic to say the least. Needless to say, my foot and leg have that continuous nagging pain again. I'm making the choice not to work exercise into my life right now. The stretching involved prior to a run as well as after do not fit in with life's current demands.

All of this lead to my choice that I may as well eat whatever I want, too. If I can't exercise, according to what I've heard, I'm not going to maintain a healthy lifestyle anyway, so why not slack on the other requirement as well? I know this probably doesn't make sense to most but in my warped mentality, it is a completely rational thought.

For the past two weeks I have been attempting to implement healthy eating back into my lifestyle. (Exercise is still on hold.) I have eaten for nutrition, journaled, included five fruits and/or vegetables in my daily diet and kept within my Weight Watchers points target. Eating for nutrition rather than emotion is a huge step for me. There have been moments I have wanted to eat emotionally. For four consecutive days, however, I have fed those emotions in different ways.

When I feel the desire to eat and know it is not from hunger, I have a choice to make. I have made the choice recently to work through those emotions by writing, talking, organizing, or even napping. Making better choices than stuffing my emotions (or my mouth) have given me results (small - but results nonetheless).

This is certainly a path I plan to continue on. I also plan to work exercise back in. This will require overcoming some mental blocks as well. These lifestyle changes are going to take some time. Hopefully, they will be just that, though - for life.


  1. Great job on eating nutritionally this week Tristi!

  2. Good for you Tristi! I have been trying to do that too- I'm a "stress eater". So now, when I go the kitchen, instead of grabbing something to eat, I set the timer for like 5-7 minutes. If I'm still "hungry" when it goes off, then I know my hunger is legit. If I'm not (and most of the time I forget what the timer is beeping for), then I know I wasn't meant to eat it.

  3. Sounds like you're getting your head in the right place. I can totally relate to the "all or nothing." Why not "some?" Some has never cut it for me. This Sunday we're talking about food. It's been one of the best parts of the program for me and the reason I dropped so much.